Standard. Agile. Efficient. Strategic.

Discovery the best practice for you in mind of your strengths, opportunities , aspirations, and resources available.  Your can be in a better position now.



Towards Actualization

CML stands for Centre for Mastery and Life-long learning.  We believe in that self-actualization is achieved through mastery of self  and accomplished through in making a positive contribution in the quality of life of others.

Generative Growth

CML offers generative, holistic, integrated, programmatic, and systematic approaches to program development and implementation for individuals and organizations.  We believe in leveraging the strengths and resources of people, organizations, and businesses to discover opportunities and aspire to develop meaningful relationships in a progressive and strong ecosystem. 

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We understand that in every situation, we are the defining force.  It is us, who makes the difference.  Thus, we make sure we work with our client's reality and put together the most suitable program to help manage and develop themselves, their teams, and their organizations.  

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We are not just an IT company. But, if you need your IT and technology tools fast and innovative, wholistic and systemic, and most importantly, people-driven and user-centric - You need us.  Our team of management consultants specialize in digital transformation and you can be sure your engagement with us will not only be a system deployment but involves a generative, holistic, programmatic, and systemic approach to ensure the platform supports both your people and your processes.  

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Calling out all task - oriented individuals, this one is for you!  With all the process improvement tools to supposedly make our practices more efficient, how do you really know which one to adopt?  Our process improvement integrates the essence of internal controls, standardization, and efficiency and aligns it with your people capability and platform capacities to make sure it supports you and not the other way around.

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"Transform to Perform".  We adopt a very simple yet truthful equation to ensure performance:  Get it, Want it, and Can Do It.  Our clients - individual, couples, families, communities, and organizations (MSMEs to Multinational) continuously engages us to facilitate action-learning based activities that do not push performance but draws their culture to it.