Our Story.

Learn about CML - how it started and what it stands for

Our Mission

An Organization distinguished for transforming individuals and organizations through learning and technologies, into a holistically developed person or entity, succeeding and contributing to society with mastery in areas of interest and continuous life-long learning.

Brain Flame.

Symbol of knowledge and passion. The Mastery and Skill in burning desire to be acted upon.

Fire of the Torch.

Symbol of enlightenment and lamp that is meant to be shared and passed on. 

The Crucible of Transformation.

The “melting pot” and enabler of catalysts for positive change, transformation, maturation, and resiliency for individuals and organizations. 

The Torch.

The common ground where the light can be gripped upon and passed on.

There is always good intention or motivation in every action taken.

Symbol that mastery of skills can only be achieved, when it is continuously used and improved with life-long skills.